‘Never’ again. Jan.4th.

by juliecround

Did you ever find, while writing a book, that the character you have based the story round becomes less interesting than a secondary character?
I think this is what has happened to me and, when I consider previous books, it might have happened before.
Although publishing agents told me to make a woman the main character, presumably because I was expected to make her more believable to a female readership,I find the male characters in my stories much more interesting and it shows in my writing.
I started this ‘Never’ book meaning to use the female as a witness to a crime but now the criminal has become the focus of the story.The more I re-read what I have written the more I want to get into his head. One day I’ll have to stop and admit that the book is finished but until I get inspired to write something else this is still my work in progress.
To those following my personal messages – we’ve booked a Greek island holiday for the spring. Maybe that will do the trick!