by juliecround

Discussions about ‘Broadchurch’ the TV programme has caused me to look again at my habit of turning one book into three. My proof reader has already commented that there are too many people in my recent book and I realised that I knew who they were from the previous book but he didn’t remember.
This seems to have happened with ‘Broadchurch.’ The writers knew exactly who the characters were and what had happened in the last programme but that was some time ago and there were viewers who had not seen it.
I found it a little confusing, although by the end of the programme it had begun to make sense.
I’m looking again at the new novel but I tried very hard to make each book enjoyable on their own with the ‘Lane’ stories so it didn’t matter which one was read first. (It worked with the first and third but I think the middle one needed one of the others)
There is one character in the new book who might need a bit more introduction, but I used an explanation of past events to a child to help the reader work out what had happened.There are devices one can use in a book that may not be so appropriate on TV, although I think it that was used very near the end of the programme to help clarify the situation, when the policeman introduced a witness to his colleague. Up until that point we didn’t know who she was or why she was there!