by juliecround

So far , I have published my books with dedications, but not acknowledgements. This time I have had help and inspiration from various sources and feel inclined to name them – but which ones, and should I ask their permission? Some know they have assisted some have helped without being aware. Some are professional and some friends. Once I start – where do I stop? I’ll look at some of my books and see how it is usually done.
I’ve been writing a blurb for the back of the book – one of my favourite tasks – it must be the latent advertiser in me. I was told at school I should be in advertising, as an artist – but I didn’t really have the talent and I felt I would not like to be paid for advertising something I did not believe in. How idealistic I was at 16! Every time they show the Ban the Bomb marches on TV I look to see if I can see myself but, as I only joined 12 miles outside London for one event I never do. Just thinking of walking 12 miles makes me feel tired, now. Oh, the joys of youth!