More competitions

by juliecround

Looking for fiction competitions to try. The magazine Prima, has one for Mills and Boon, but I’m not sure about writing a romance. There are only so many variations on the eternal triangle that one can write so it’s really a case of putting it all in a new setting.
I’m beginning to get nervous about writing contemporary stuff as I’m not into mobile phones and apps and characters nowadays should be. That means I have to write about the 50s and 60s, when romance was in the air for me – a long time ago! Maybe I’ll try a flashback story. If I could switch into first person it might work.
I started a first person story but left it unfinished as I was bored. If the author is bored, the reader will be!
No news about ‘Never.’ The proof reader is half way through. I don’t think I’ll ebook this one. Most sales will be to people who know me.