Reader’s question

by juliecround

I went to a meeting earlier in the week and met one of my readers. Her question was “Have you written any longer books? I don’t like short books.” I had to tell her, the only way she could read my work as a long book is to put all three of the first books together and read them as one. I think if I had a publisher who would publish them as a hardback that would be what they would suggest. The first book is about 70 thousand words but the rest are shorter. I think my style is at fault – too much dialogue and not enough description. It makes for very easy reading but will never be classed as ‘literary.’
Still, I’m ready to adapt, and have a first thought for a novel competition. I’ll let you know how that turns out. Meanwhile,the ‘Never’ book is nearly ready for printing. Some serious changes have been suggested and a character’s reactions questioned. Men and women don’t respond the same way to tragedy and I need to think again about the balance of dialogue and action. We never stop learning.