New Competition 3.

by juliecround

Once the first chapter was written I tried writing a synopsis. Writing a synopsis of a finished novel is hard enough, but writing one for a book that has yet to be written is almost impossible, especially as there has to be a word count LONGER than the first chapter. This means the whole book has to be planned in detail and vital actions included – not the way I usually write. I’m beginning to wonder if it is worth the effort.
I forgot to buy a sample of the kind of story they like. I’ll do that tomorrow. We are always told to read a magazine before we send articles to one and that must also apply to publishers.
I managed 300 words at the first try. I think perhaps if I describe the characters, including their motivation, that might fill out the story. Also, I might read up on how to write a synopsis as I always try to fit mine onto one page and this will probably need to be five pages long!