by juliecround

Just had a review of my last book and I don’t know quite how to take it. It looks as though the reviewer didn’t enjoy it but felt others might.
As my punctuation was criticised I’m re-reading it to see what needed correcting. So far, I have found one missed space and two missed commas. More worrying was the fact that the reviewer found one character’s behaviour unconvincing. It looks as though my reliance on action and dialogue rather than internal thought has caused this problem. Still, if I was one of those publishers who picked out phrases to advertise a book I could still use, “It is a story of independence gained and the importance of family bonds” and “this enthusiastic book may appeal to readers who have endured unhappiness due to an overbearing partner.” I’m not sure how a book can be enthusiastic but I’m grateful for the interest. ‘All publicity is good publicity?’
I’ll try to do better with the sequel. I’m still waiting for my proof reader to finish.