Revelation – ref. review.

by juliecround

Looking over the book that had the interesting review I think I know why my punctuation was so irritating. I tend to over-use the dash!
Maybe it’s because I am writing for reading out loud and the dash is between a comma and a full stop. It suggests a breath and,perhaps,a change of emphasis. Also, my spacing is erratic. Do you leave a space after a comma? Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. It changes depending on which font I am using.
I’m doing my own final edit for the next ‘Never’ book at present so I am trying to correct all punctuation errors. Funny how, even after proof reading four times there’s still the odd speech mark facing the wrong way!
The competition entry has been posted. If they don’t like it I might even write it anyway. I still have a couple of ISBN numbers.
I am trying to get used to Goodreads but my lack of computer skills lets me down. I just don’t understand the language. Guess I’d better Google some of it and get educated!