‘Never’ again.

by juliecround

Proof reading the final draft of the next book in preparation to sending it to the designer. So many tiny errors, missed commas, missed spaces, too many hyphens used as dashes, but I’m happy it is almost ready. I have written the dedications, (a new thing for me, but I did get help with research) and the ‘blurb’ for the back. I really enjoy writing those – trying to whet the reader’s appetite without giving away the plot. (I’ve done it again!)
The next exciting event will be choosing the cover – something self publishers have much more control over than folk who use traditional publishers. ( Is this what is called a subordinate clause?)
Meanwhile I’m reading romances to find out if I can stick to a formula.I’m not used to switching between viewpoints, but this seems to happen in that kind of book. I doubt if I can adapt, but it will be an interesting experiment.