punctuation matters

by juliecround

At last I have discovered what is wrong with my writing style. I am using dashes in place of semi colons! I got confused with the usage of semi colons and colons so I stopped using both of then. All my proof readers let me go on writing like that and it is only because of that recent review that I looked into improving my punctuation and came upon the simple instruction – a semi colon joins two sentences together. (The colon is used for lists)
I’m not sure I’ll change. It seems a bit pedantic. However, I might introduce a few into my next book, especially as I intend to write under another name.
The ‘Never’ proof reading is finished. I am printing off the rest of the manuscript today and I’ve got the whole book on flash drive so maybe I’ll try to sort out the computer glitches next.
It just dawned on me that I usually take two years to write and publish a book but this one will be published the year after the last one.A good thing, really, as it means people won’t have forgotten the cast of characters.