Quibbles and plans.

by juliecround

Now the ‘Never’ book is out of my hands I’m going to start on the romance.I don’t care if it doesn’t win the competition. I’m going to try to write it anyway.
Meanwhile I have a gripe. It seems to be normal, nowadays, to say, or write ‘for free.’ Am I the only person who thinks this is wrong? Surely it should either be ‘free’ or ‘for nothing.’
I’m swimming against the tide , as usual.
I bought a charity pen for red nose day this morning. It’s not very efficient, which is a pity as I always write in longhand before I transfer stuff onto the computer.
Delivering more books tomorrow, to a member of my exercise class. Under 50 left of all three ‘Lane’ books and I am hoping sending copies of ‘Never Run Away’ all over the world may help that catch up.
I’m reading Robert Galbraith’s book at the moment and will post a review when I have finished. What a change from Harry Potter!