New romance and spring cleaning.

by juliecround

Well into the next book,now. I’m reading romances and writing one at the same time. I can’t bear not to have something on the go, although the Sea Scribes are doing readings soon so I had to edit a little short story for that.
Maybe a chapter of the ‘Never’ book would be OK for the next event.
There is one thing I have been trying to do – clear out all the old papers from the past ten years. I still have so many lectures and lessons, notes and stories. Do I really need to hoard all of them?
I think there’s a personality trait that causes people to hold on to information from their past. I don’t do it with objects, just paper. Now that you can look up anything on the internet all the addresses and maps and holiday details I kept can be discarded.I wish it was easy.
My friend said throw twelve things you don’t need away every day. She’s also found out my bmi. I’d like to diet but I love hot cross buns. She said – eat half of one! Is that possible?
No more news about the ‘Never’ cover yet.The covers on the other books were so good I want to keep up the standard.