Worthing Festival of the Arts

by juliecround

I joined the rest of the Sea Scribes in an evening session at the Dome where our creative writing efforts were adjudicated by Stephen Owen who was one of the most positive judges I have met.
I came joint third with my story about our little terrier, but the strangest thing is the number of groups with only one entrant. I don’t know where they advertise these events, probably only on line and maybe in schools but, as it is like a mini-olympics, with a medal for each winner, I’d expect more interest from the general public.Actually, having read the programme I see it’s only the over 60’s who aren’t well represented. We’ll have to change that next year! Can’t have the same person getting a clutch of medals just because they are the only entrant in the group!
The next reading will be at the library on Tuesday. Must pick an exciting excerpt from one of my books. It might encourage new readers.
Next task – update my promotional material. I’ve nearly run out of business cards and book marks but I’ll use leaflets this time,they’re cheaper. Should I attend the London Book Fair? I missed an interview with the BBC last year because I was up in London.
Marketing, marketing, marketing!