Reading your work

by juliecround

Feeling at a bit of a loose end now the latest book is with the printer. Yesterday I had the opportunity to join the rest of the ‘Sea Scribes’ in a reading and discussion session in Worthing library.
There is so much going on in this town that people without computers know nothing about but I guess that is the same everywhere nowadays.
We happily read passages from our books and answered questions from the few people that attended.We almost had a discussion on whether children read as much as they used to, as the librarian insisted that they did, and if our own grandchild is anything to go by, she was right. Personally, I think girls read more than boys.But then, our granddaughter isn’t quite two and maybe the love of books won’t last!
Must get on with promotional material now. Next week I can start to organise the book launch.It should be mid April. I’ll miss the London Book Fair but as most of my readers are local that won’t be too much of a disaster.