More Romance

by juliecround

Feeling fragile at present, but managed to write a short introduction to romance writing for Worthy Words.
The more I read the less hopeful I am that I could do the genre justice.
I am tempted to create a new imprint and give it a go, but it could mean disappointing my local readers who have got used to working out where I have set each story. I would also need a new name and a whole set of new ISBN numbers. I have some ideas swimming about in my head but must concentrate on selling ‘Never Pretend’before I start anything new.
I usually write from September to April so I’ll try to call a halt to the romance I’ve just started, although reading it to the other sea scribes might keep me ticking over through the summer.
It will be an experience to read a passionate passage out loud next week.Still, with a background in Am Dram I should be able to manage it!