A romantic exercise

by juliecround

Worthy Words on Wednesday and I offered to give a few hints on writing romances, gleaned from my recent experiences reading them and advice from romance writers on the internet.
It was a change to be able to write in a different style and break some of the rules we had thought we should follow when writing fiction, especially the one about writing each scene from a single viewpoint! That is something none of the books I have sampled did.
Writing even mildly erotic scenes made us laugh, but it was amazing how well the group managed the exercise. Worthing does seem to breed writing groups – is there something in the water?
As for ‘Never Pretend’it is with the printers. I am planning to launch it at the end of April. More news when I am certain of a date. We are visiting The Woodman Arms tonight and probably having it as the launch venue because they are so welcoming.