More romance

by juliecround

I really thought this blog would dry up once I had finished ‘Never Pretend’but now I have begun writing the romance I think it could carry on.
Firstly – I have just read the only romance by Mills and Boon that I enjoyed, Kate Hardy’s ‘His Honourable Surgeon.’It was a surprise, because it was one of their medical ones and I usually avoid any books or TV programmes about hospitals. However, this gave the romance an extra dimension. The characters were well drawn and the pace was good. It was very short and it might turn out to be forgettable but it gave me hope that one doesn’t have to put a sex scene on every other page! My only gripe was that there was too much information on the back of the book.Luckily,I didn’t read it until I was well into the story.
It will be a new experience, making sure the reader has a through understanding of what makes each character tick at the start of the action instead of revealing their motivations gradually as I usually do.
I don’t really care if it takes two years – I’m learning while I’m doing.