Book news ‘Never Pretend.’

by juliecround

Copies of ‘Never Pretend’ arrived this week. I’m supposed to send out books for reviews but, knowing how little response I got last time I’m reluctant to give away copies. I feel like making a load of little notes saying things like ‘When should you tell a child he’s adopted?’ and ‘Who was Carole King?’ and ‘It takes more than a soothing sea shore to solve a personal problem.’and leaving them on the train when I go up to London.(with an isbn number)
Anyone who has read ‘Never Run Away’will be used to my style and should enjoy this sequel.Once again it has plenty of references to places in West Sussex.
As for West Sussex, the Womens’ Institute meeting resulted in two bookings for 2016. By then I should also have copies of the Worthing Anthology by the Sea Scribes.It is full of stories and articles, poems and puzzles. Worthing air is really good for creativity!