Writing a Romance

by juliecround

Beginning to get carried away with the new romance. As it’s set in the sixties I have to keep reminding myself of how things have changed. People actually used paper in those days!It was fun remembering the singers we used to listen to. Adam Faith went out with a girl from my school for a while.
I have set some scenes in a shoe shop. I can remember what it was like to work in one. All I seemed to do was dust boxes!
The best Saturday job I had was in a leather shop. I loved the smell of leather and enjoyed selling wallets and purses. The other shop job I had was in a department store – when all I can remember was that I was taught how to fold overalls!
In those days students could easily find casual work in the vacations.
One year I went potato picking in Norfolk (or was it Suffolk?) and ended up in a frozen food factory, sorting sprouts!
Back to the romance. My heroine is involved with one man but has just met another. I’m enjoying the freedom that writing from each point of view gives. It is very different from my usual style but quite immediate and, as long as there are only two people in the scene, not too confusing.
It’s going to need a great deal of editing but my writing group will be happy to help. They have already made suggestions as I am reading it to them as I write.
Sun’s out at last. Enough for now.