Another Carole King.

by juliecround

Funny how the show (Beautiful) about Carole King has come out just as I used the name entirely by accident in the new novel, Never Pretend. I had a woman named Carole who fell in love with a man who had to have a regal name to make a witches prediction come true.When I called him ‘King’ in ‘Never Run Away’, I was not planning to write another book about the same characters but once I get involved with the people in my books it is hard to let them go. Also, I thought the first four books had plenty of minor characters who were not too amenable but all the bad happenings were solved quickly and there was no mystery about who did it. I decided to remedy this by basing the new book round a crime – with three possible suspects. It is still a family novel and Carole marries her Mr King but as she is a single mother, life has its difficulties, not least the question of when to tell a child about his father.
The publication date is April 29th and more about that event can be seen on my website