The next book

by juliecround

Now I’m in trouble. I’m well into the new romance but my laptop has got the jitters. It’s OK for wordprocessing but keeps telling me it can’t get onto the internet. This could be the last post for a while. I thought it was the mouse so I bought a new one but it still goes funny. Fridays seem to be the worst day. Maybe I should take Fridays off.
Meanwhile I am getting immersed in the nineteen sixties as that is when I have set my romance. I had to try to remember how much people earned in those days. It was less than a tenth of what they earn now!
How much was rent in the nineteen sixties – about five pounds a week?
Then I have to recognise how much we used buses and trains.Cars were only for the well off! I didn’t need to do research for previous novels but now I have to!
Is this a historical novel? Have I lived that long? It makes a change.