More invitations

by juliecround

Had a weird experience yesterday. I went to a new foot clinic for a free foot check and met a young woman who had seen my website and was interested in my books so I gave her an invitation for the launch of ‘Never Pretend.’ However, she has a kindle so I advised her to read ‘Never Run away’first. That is the problem with writing books about the same families. This is the second time I have done it and the stories really have to be read in sequence.
Never mind – the next book will be a one-off. I am reading chapters to the ‘Sea Scribes’ and getting it down on computer as fast as I can. I don’t believe Mills and Boon will want it, and it is very different from the synopsis I gave them, anyway. Now I need to find out how I go about writing under another name and giving oldstickbooks another imprint. I thought I might call it orangeblossom, but I think that has already been used.It is a real change from my other stories but quite liberating.
Here’s a taste:
“Relax,” he said, his deep voice soothing her, while the way he reached across the table to hold her hand had quite the opposite effect.
How could one man’s touch make her feel so excited? What was it about him that made her blush and wriggle like a silly schoolgirl?

Must print off some more invites for 29th.All good fun!