Reviewing books

by juliecround

Now ‘Never Pretend’ is about to be published I have lost the desire to keep everyone updated with my writing.
Instead I will try to improve my reviewing skills.
I wrote a review of the last book I read, William Golding’s Free Fall, on Goodreads and then scrolled down to see what other people had written.
Without telling the story, a number of them had given a much better idea of the book and had been more thoughtful in their descriptions.
I don’t usually read reviews before I read a book but it might help me to avoid books I pick up at the library and discard after a few pages.I did that last week as the character count got past ten and I couldn’t remember who they all were!
As for ‘Free Fall’ I’m not sure I’ll search out more Golding but I’m glad I read something other than ‘The Lord of the Flies.’It was about an artist trying to work out why he was who he was and was fascinating when he wrote about his childhood, irritating when he wrote about his love life, and depressing when he wrote about the war.