Location, location, location

by juliecround

More followers when I discuss writing, so here goes.I have enjoyed writing about local landmarks without actually naming them since 2007.There is a local author who always names his streets so that readers can identify with the area but that would mean I had to be strictly accurate and I like moving buildings around to fit the story. I can picture the places I write about as I use them in the books but only name towns and structures if I am sure they are where I say they are.
I moved a castle from one town to another in my first book, but I have a wedding in a very well known landmark in “Never Pretend.” Mind you,the sea is always there and I realise it is part of the inspiration for my novels.Sussex is very stimulating, but will probably not feature in my romance, which is making very slow progress.What do other writers do about settings? Does it matter if you have never been there?