The new romance

by juliecround

At last I have begun to put the romance onto the computer.I have written four chapters and am ready to share my experiences with the world if anyone cares to follow.
The hardest thing at the moment is continuity. If you write six chapters in a notebook and then transfer three chapters to computer it is easy to lose the time line – which is just what happened to me when I wrote that the heroine compared her flat with her boy friend’s apartment – before she’d visited it!
I’ve mislaid the original synopsis but the characters are having a ball, so I’ll go with the flow.
Remember pyjama parties? I lived in London when they were fashionable and as my book is set in the sixties I’ve included one.
I need to research the cost of things as it is so different nowadays. It’s funny being part of history, but that’s what I’m becoming. Hey ho.