Reading King

by juliecround

I’m not writing much at the moment but I am reading ‘The Stand’ by Stephen King, a book that many people have said is their favourite.
At first I found it difficult to remember all the characters but as they are dying off that might become easier.After a slow start I am beginning to wonder what will happen next so, although the length of the book is daunting, I’ll keep on reading.Then I’ll go onto Goodreads and read some reviews.
Until the issues that are taking up all my time are sorted I can’t seem to find the inspiration to continue with my own writing.It’s a grey day today.I’ll add a poem I wrote and published a year ago.
Eyes open into darkness
Turning my head I blink awake
Green numbers glow eight o’clock
In winter, morning comes so late.
A new day’s just begun, and yet
I do not wish to rise without the sun.

Curtains hide the outside world
My pillow’s soft, my body warm
No sound disturbs my peace, but thoughts
Invade. What tasks await the dawn?
Pull back the curtains, greet the day!
Clouds hover, threatening and dirty grey.

How can a spirit now rejoice
When all the land is clothed in gloom?
Our very being promises
That we should sing to nature’s tune.
All life would perish without light
Is this enough to end the night?

I breathe the morning air in vain
No bird song – are they far away?
Now all is quiet, not even rain
The sky is blanket-like today.
Without the sun’s smile, morning starts with strife.
How can the weather so influence my life?