Blogging and more.

by juliecround

What a frantic two days! First, the phone I use for everything stopped working and when I rang someone who said they would fix it in an hour, they didn’t. The both our computers went so slow they might just have well been stopped and began to say websites were unavailable.
It is strange how much we have come to rely on these two items of technology. Luckily I have a spare phone but could consider another new one if only I could understand how to work them. Everyone told me to get an Android but they do so much more than I need. I just want an’office’ phone.
I’m going on line to seek one out.
Then I’ll see about a new laptop. Windows is progressing so fast I can’t keep up. I don’t need to play games but I do need reliability.
At least I am back blogging, even if it is just a complaint. Once I get through ‘The Stand’ I’ll be doing a review.
Local magazine has just given me a great write-up. Thanks, Fran. At this rate ‘Never Pretend’ will soon have sold as many copies as ‘Never Run Away.’