New phone, specially for seniors.

by juliecround

After all the trouble with computers and phones I have half solved my difficulties.
In town I was shown a really great smartphone that I could understand , but it was my little old ‘only a phone’ phone that needed replacing. I found one in a shop on Pay-as-you-go, but I’m on a contract so I went to another shop and asked if they did that. He hunted out a phone, I’ll not advertise but it has four letters , two of which are ‘o’ that was designed for old fogeys. It should only take me a few hours to work out, and he just transferred my SIM card. I’ll keep my smartphone, although I still haven’t worked it out. Mind you, I was offered a half hour lesson by another shop so I might take them up on it one day.
All I need now is to get used to the awful music tone, as it isn’t on the internet so I can’t choose another one!
All good fun.