Promotion and sales.

by juliecround

Not writing at present I find myself concentrating on promotion and sales. As I write books set in this locality I have now gained a group of readers who devour everything I show them. It means I probably only sell one book a week but they mount up.Of course they then boast about lending the copies to friends.
Today I was with the group of writers called the Sea Scribes. We were recording excerpts from our soon to be released anthology, also set in Worthing. The discs are distributed to blind and partially sighted folk in coastal Sussex who have discovered the ‘Voice of Progress’ a local talking newspaper.
Our next task will be to find outlets for the little booklet. Luckily we are in an area that encourages the arts and also has events for tourists.
‘Never Pretend’ is now in the local library and I am looking forward to the talks that have been booked at a number of WI meetings in 2015 and 2016.
Maybe in September I will return to writing the romance and keeping you all up to date with the story.
Meanwhile, have a good summer!