Autumn clean.

by juliecround

Itchy fingers means I’m beginning to want to start writing again but first I must rid the house of unwanted paper. I’m a hoarder and find it difficult to throw away anything related to finance.However, having been a schoolteacher I find I want to do a clear out in August, ready for September, rather than in the New Year as a ‘Spring Clean’
I am also tempted to buy new things, but remember my father’s maxim, ‘If it aint broke, don’t fix it’ SO I’ll continue putting my romance onto my old laptop and hope it isn’t so out of date when I want it published that it will be impossible to convert.
I am having fun selling the Sea Scribes’ new ‘Worthing Anthology’ Once again, linking writing to a locality is proving helpful.
I’m off to go through cupboards next!