Writing post and poem.

by juliecround

I gave in to my urge to write yesterday and turned the first three pages of my romance into first person. As I have written nineteen pages this could be a hard task,except that I have just read a book where the chapters alternate between first and third person. That would suit this story so I may have a go.
It isn’t going to fit the Mills and Boon format so I may as well not try.
I found I was adding more internal thought and I hope it will make my main character more sympathetic.
I chickened out of changing my laptop. This might be slow but it is familiar.
Once we get to September I’ll be reading chapters to the Sea Scribes as I write them.
There’s no rush. I don’t expect to get the book completed until well into next year.
Standing at the bus stop yesterday I had to try to write a poem about the electronic notice board:
Waiting for the bus, we knew
The time our vehicle was due
But patience reigned;it was our fate.
The 16 bus was always late.
Electronic notice board is great.
Two minutes more we had to wait
But then it changed to only one
I stood,so sure the bus would come.
Alas, the board read minutes’two’
Then changed again, revealing ‘due’
Once more it blinked back to just ‘one’
A mystery – when would it come?
Then ‘due’ it said and to be sure
It drove up, stopped,with opening door.
Our queue of people stood aside
Then jumped on board our welcome ride.