Giving a reading

by juliecround

Four of the Worthing Sea Scribes were in the lecture theatre of Worthing Library yesterday to give readings from their own books and the new anthology.
It was good that it proved so stimulating that listeners from the morning session returned for the afternoon but we would have appreciated a bigger audience.
The library had done a great poster and we had tried to interest people in the locality but with nothing else to offer maybe folk thought they would be pressurised into making a purchase.
I am looking forward to the launch of the anthology on Monday 21st at Frazer’s bar at 7.30 in the evening. So far there is a great deal of interest. I have orders for twelve copies from the last two weeks.As it is full of stories, articles, puzzles and poems, all relating to this area, it appeals to a variety of readers.
It seems having a copy to show people is better than organising a reading session.
lesson learned.