Writing in a hurry

by juliecround

Don’t! I just commented on a blog, sent it and then realised I hadn’t capitalised my ‘I’s.I used to sneer at posts with little ‘i’s, wondering why people didn’t proof read their posts before they sent them and now I’ve done it I can see how easy it is.
I’ve had to go over this post twice to correct the same mistake.
There’s a lot of talk on line about the necessity of social media when trying to sell books.
What if your target audience don’t use computers? My family have been nagging me to put my books on other sites but the one that is on line has not done well.
Blogs that give an indication of how many books it takes to build up a following are interesting. I think I’ve got a few more to go – but as I only bought ten ISBN numbers to start with I’m probably going to stop at ten.
By then I’ll either be known or forgotten!