writing again!

by juliecround

As soon as I had complained of lack of inspiration I had a change of heart and dug out my ‘romance.’ I had been constrained by having to write to a formula for a competition but, realising I would not win,I now have the opportunity to turn it into a ‘normal’ novel. It will still be romantic but I have been reading a book where all the main characters are written in first person, separated into individual chapters, headed by their names.
I realised this would work for the story I had started and would also give me the chance to get into the minds of another couple of characters, rather than just the man and the woman involved.
It is great fun trying to make their ‘voices’ different.
So I’m off! I’ll report on progress as I go.
It does mean some ‘chapters’ are only a page or two long – but I don’t care.
I’m sure I have seen that somewhere else and I’m the publisher so I won’t object.