Writing success?

by juliecround

Having had another comment from a satisfied customer who has indicated they will lend my book to their relative I decided to count up how many copies I had actually sold ( of all five books!) I subtracted fifty for those I had given as presents or reviews and came up with the grand total of 600.As all of them are in the local library I would estimate that the actual readership is probably many times that number.
I hope they like the next one as much as it is rather different and not set locally. Would you say a book set in the nineteen sixties is historical? I wouldn’t but some might.
Trying to remember what life was like is proving a challenge.We take so much for granted these days. Even flying abroad was special and many people had to use a telephone box for calls.Remember trolley buses? I do.
Anyway, must get back to making Christmas puddings. I’ve done it for years and I won’t stop now, although I have had to use a different stout. ( I just drank the remains of the can and it was delicious!)