new new romance

by juliecround

Now we are flying! Trouble is, nothing else will get done. Once I changed the construction of the new romance it felt like a new story. Suddenly it came alive and I became interested in the characters again.
I had to go through more stuff I had written and put it into first person and then decide where to add the new people, each also in first person.
The original story only had two protagonists but now I have four. If that seems confusing,it isn’t, as one appears as one leaves the scene.Other characters come and go.
I’m still reading books where there are mixed viewpoints and realise that, for most people, the odd thought from someone other than the viewpoint character doesn’t annoy them, especially if it is a reaction to something the other person has said.
I wait to see what the Sea Scribes will say about my new approach. It will probably work better on a kindle than in paperback. Plenty of time to decide.
By the way – it was my computer that had the extra picture – not wordpress!