Methods of promotion

by juliecround

I’m getting nagged by the younger members of the family to promote my books on line, request reviews and generally use the computer to get news out.
I did try telling my son that I was happy doing things my way and if he could have been with me last night he could have seen why.
The ladies of Pagham Church held a meeting where I had the opportunity to talk about my life and how I became an author.
I read them a little of one book and they very generously bought a number of copies of all five.
There were some very interesting questions, including some from a gentleman who reiterated what my boys had said. Why don’t you do an audio book? I told them I had recorded a book but it seems to have got lost. That’s my next task – to find out what happened to it.
I told him it was easier to promote non fiction but as I have six more talks booked for next year I think I’ll do OK.