Preparing for the panto.

by juliecround

Voice of Progress pantomime has characters speaking dialect and I am one of them. So far I haven’t been able to tell from the script where my character comes from.
I’ve started listening to dialect sites to see if I can find one that fits.
I fancy somewhere in the West country (who doesn’t?)
I’ll read through it this afternoon and see if I can find a clue.
Meanwhile I have had to start researching for the new new romance as I am venturing into territory I know little about.I don’t watch much reality TV so I can’t get ideas from that.I think this book is going to need some serious editing.
I must print a chapter off for the Sea Scribes next week.
I have a new title and pseudonym for the next book as it is so different from my other novels. I know people warn against it but if, inside, it says Julie C Round writing as SOMEONE ELSE I shouldn’t have any problems, should I?