Using a notebook.

by juliecround

I don’t mean taking notes about things you see and hear. I know novelists are always advised to do that but it’s enough for me to have a shopping list and a diary without having a notebook with me, too.

The notebook I refer to is the one I use to handwrite my story. This goes from room to room with me in the house and I add to it whenever I can.

Then, when I have time, I put it onto the computer, editing as I go. However, this does mean I am in two stages of the book at the same time, which can get confusing. Yesterday I couldn’t remember whether the heroine had moved house or not when I was describing her room.

Talking about poetry next week and I’m lucky enough to have a copy of ‘Verses from Alice’ by Lewis Carroll.(1944) It’s a bit battered but I love it.