Politics and patience

by juliecround

Before I was an author I was a politician and I can’t resist airing my opinions when something seems so absurd as the suggestion this week that G.Ps should no longer attend patients who are residing in Care Homes. I can’t honestly believe that this is as reported. My uncle had several visits from a doctor while he was in a Care Home and I was kept involved with his situation. This turned out to be vital when he was declared too ill to travel.

As for my writing, I have been adding detail to the romance in advance of getting the manuscript back from my beta reader next week. This is a dangerous time as we authors want to get our work out in print once we think it is finished and the temptation is to rush the editing. Oh how I hate checking every comma and capital letter, every space and paragraph indent. I get bound up in the story again and forget what I’m supposed to be doing. Who said one should read from the end backwards? Is that realistic? Now to make a list of possible reviewers. How many free copies can I afford to send out? Who would be a self publisher?