Selecting cover art

by juliecround

When it comes to self publishing the best part must be the ability to have a hand in choosing what goes on the cover. Some of my friends in ‘Sea Scribes’ use relatives to draw or photograph images for their covers, but I like to find ideas on the web and then hand over to a designer to try to make something original that fits my dream. It never comes out quite as I imagined but the very fact that I get a choice makes it exciting and when we find a picture we both like it is most satisfying.

We have just got to that stage with the new novel – a chick lit story that hasn’t got a pink cover! As soon as it is in print I’ll put the cover on line. This time I think I might use Nielsen’s enhanced service. “Never Pretend” suffered without it, although all the other books were covered and did well. Now to make a list of everyone I need to tell!