Preparing for Publication

by juliecround

Things are getting exciting now as it gets nearer to the date of publication for “A Lesson for the Teacher.” Not only are the Sea Scribes giving readings at the WOW festival in May but three of us are having a joint book launch at the Swallows Return where I launched “Never Run Away.” We are already designing invitations and making lists of people to invite.

This time I can’t rely on the setting being in Worthing as the new book is set all over the South, Greenford, Ealing, Bucks, Essex, Brixham, Shoreham and Gillingham all feature at some point in the story. My problem is I have to target retired teachers and if they are anything like me they don’t read women’s magazines, where I would normally advertise as it is a romance.

Still, I do have a few ideas. I’ll let you know if they work!