by juliecround

This week I need to get a new laptop but choosing the right one is proving tricky. I really wanted one that wasn’t too heavy to carry around but the lighter they are the more expensive they are. Then I have to decide how much memory I want and if I need a long battery life. I don’t at the moment but I can envisage a time when I might.I don’t need to split the top off to make a tablet and I don’t think I want a touch screen. I just want something to write on and if I can skype and surf a little that would be fine. There’s no writing getting done at present but I do have a recording session this week and a talk to a WI group on Wednesday. That’s busy enough for the moment. The invitations for the book launch in June are ready but we won’t distribute them until May. As soon as it is printed I’ll mail some off for reviews. I might even post a taster! J.