friends, readers and fellow writers – welcome

Sea Scribes Workshop

Saturday’s workshops at the Mockingbird cafe had few takers but turned out to be interesting for many reasons. The venue has great potential, with both easy sofas and tables for meals. To be surrounded by art and artifacts makes for a sympathetic ambiance and the meals, once they arrived, were beautifully presented and tasty.

Wendy’s workshop on memories produced some thoughtful work from a number of people and all our books were on display and for sale. By the time lunch was over we had fewer customers but I did a little workshop on designing a bookmark that might encourage our group to think more about marketing.

We are doing readings at the WOW festival at the end of May and planning a joint book launch in June. More information will be forthcoming when we know the venue.



My second talk of the eight I have booked for this year to local WI groups and it turned out to be a most interesting evening.

Not only were they arranged in tables of four, instead of in rows, but after I had done my bit they had a ‘mix up’ game where each person had a playing card and had to find the other three with the same number and introduce themselves. As there were two new members this was especially appropriate and great fun.

Saturday I will have more books to sell as I am doing a workshop with the rest of the Sea Scribes at the Mockingbird Cafe which, so far, does not have a shop sign so I hope people can find it. There are plenty of posters and we have told the press.



To tap and snap all scooters or

To toil at engines tricky

They enter trials or ride for miles

Iggy and lanky Sticky.

For them the speed. the style, the space

Is worth them getting mucky-

It’s mates that they appreciate

Who join them feeling SLUKY.

The 1960’s.

What was life like for young people in the 1960’s? It depended on who you mixed with.

My life revolved round home, school and church and even at 18 the worst swear word I knew was ‘bloody.’ Social life was ┬álimited to sport and the theatre and listening to records in a friend’s house. Girls dreamed of marriage and a family in spite of new employment opportunities. Their ideal men were Gregory Peck, Kirk Douglas or James Dean.

However, it was a time of excitement with the hint of the freedoms that were to follow and I am glad I was there to experience it.

New novel

The new novel now has a cover and is likely to be published in June as I am taking the advice of experts and trying to generate some publicity first.

Copies will be available for review as soon is it is printed. I’ll try to put the image on line and I might even quote a passage or two in the future.A-Lesson-for-the-Teacher-CV[1]

Proof reading again

I didn’t listen. Everyone told me not to try to do my own proof reading but I relied on another reader and my own eyes to check my text.

I just wish I was a better typist because a lot of the errors were typing mistakes. Anyway I have now used the blessed spell check and proofed from the end to the beginning and I think I am nearly there.

Someone said if we writers got paid by the hour our books would be twice the price. It’s a good job I’m retired. I keep checking my followers but there’s none from the UK. What am I doing wrong?

Selecting cover art

When it comes to self publishing the best part must be the ability to have a hand in choosing what goes on the cover. Some of my friends in ‘Sea Scribes’ use relatives to draw or photograph images for their covers, but I like to find ideas on the web and then hand over to a designer to try to make something original that fits my dream. It never comes out quite as I imagined but the very fact that I get a choice makes it exciting and when we find a picture we both like it is most satisfying.

We have just got to that stage with the new novel – a chick lit story that hasn’t got a pink cover! As soon as it is in print I’ll put the cover on line. This time I think I might use Nielsen’s enhanced service. “Never Pretend” suffered without it, although all the other books were covered and did well. Now to make a list of everyone I need to tell!